Student Accommodation for Staffordshire Uni and Keele Uni


All of our properties in Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme contain all of the features below as standard.

Fibre Broadband 100Mbps+

With all-inclusive 100/200Mbps Fibre Broadband is provided, perfect for gamers, streamers and any other network heavy tasks.

Close to University

Stoke houses 5 minutes walking distance to Staffordshire University, bus stop and train station. Newcastle houses are 10 minute bus ride to Keele University.

All-Inclusive Bills

High speed Fibre Broadband, gas, electric and water are in all-inclusive bills.

Monthly Clean

Communal areas professionally cleaned on a monthly basis.


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I lived there for two years, lovely house and good location. The house was immaculate on arrival and easy to live in and maintain. A good location near the shops, town centre and a short walk to the bus service to Keele. The facilities within the house were great - worked really well with two or three tenants. The management and service provided by the landlady was great. Very approachable and extremely quick to sort out problems, of which there were very few. Absolutely loved living in the house and will always reflect on it being a happy time being at university.

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You were very helpful in helping me set up the contract. You were very professional and any issues we had with the house or in explaining things with the contract you helped. The house itself was very well presented with a very good heating system which is easy to use. The rooms were very spacious and gave plenty of room for any books and things which I needed to store.

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I liked how big the rooms were and that the house was quite close to town. The area was ok. The facilities in the house were ok, we pretty much had everything we needed that was essential. The management and service was good, whenever we reached out the landlady would be supportive in whatever issue we had.

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Overall, it was nice and comfortable living in the house. The house was very clean when we first saw it and it was one of the reasons why we chose it out of all the other houses we were looking into. The furniture was complete, the bathroom and kitchen were big so it was really nice. The facilities were nice. The availability of a dryer and washing machine on site was good. The management and service provided by the landlady was good. We were impressed to be contacted within a few hours at the latest whenever we had an issue.

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Had a lovely time during residency, the house was really nice to live in during my time at Staffordshire University. Spacious enough to live in, once you get everything set up in your room it feels really homely and nice to come back to after tedious lesson at the uni. Kitchen was big enough to fit several people at once which made it easier to prepare food for oneself without getting in the way too much of the other house mates. Also the addition of 2 bathrooms with a toilet was really nice, several of us take notoriously long showers so having an extra bathroom meant there were very few times where there was an issue. Lovely park just up the road which makes for nice afternoon or morning walks, and the University only being a few streets away is really convenient. I sometimes misjudge what time to leave at and end up in class 10 minutes early, because I forget how short the walk is. Stuff like the oven, washing machine and dryer were all easy to use and get a grip of. The landlady was always really helpful when we needed help with something and patient with us, just a really nice person in general.

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I lived in the house for two years and it was great. I liked my room and had plenty of storage space in terms of kitchen, room, and basement, which is what I look for in a house. Near the Sainsbury’s which is very convenient. Also convenient that the house was near the town but not in the centre of it. Not near any busy roads so it’s not loud or noisy. Peaceful and quiet area. Glad that the bathroom was upstairs and not through the kitchen as the previous house I was in had this placement, making it difficult to reach and get to. I liked the gas hob as it heated up quickly and was efficient. The landlady always reminded us of certain things which was very helpful, such as ensuring that the heating was turned on during the winter to prevent mould. One of my housemates smoked and the landlord provided a cigarette bin in the garden, which prevented littering whilst accommodating them as well. When there were any maintenance issues she provided an engineer to fix it.

About Us

A family run business that has been providing accommodation to students enrolled at Staffordshire University and Keele University. All the properties are clean, safe, well maintained and adhere to the legal requirements for rental properties including gas, electrical and energy performance certificates. We are part of North Staffordshire Landlord Accreditation Scheme.

More Features

Bellow are more features that are included in all of our houses.


All our student housing have shower/s, bath, toilet/s and some student rooms are en-suite.


Our fitted kitchens have a gas cooker with some double ovens, fridge freezer with some additional fridges and freezers, toaster, kettle, microwave, washing machine, condenser tumble dryer, ironing board and vacuum cleaner.


All our student rooms have a double bed, wardrobe with some fitted wardrobes, fitted shelves for extra storage, study desk, swivel chair and drawers.


Double rooms in Stoke from £60 pppw. Double rooms in Newcastle from £70 pppw. En-suite also available in Newcastle from £80 pppw.


Any maintenance issue in our student houses contact the landlord directly and the problem will be resolved by our competent team.

Communal Areas

All our student accommodation has a shared kitchen, sofas and coffee table in the living room, some have a dining table and chairs.


Feel free to contacts us to ask about any questions that you may have!